Webrazzi Arena Startups;

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As part of the most proficient internet conference Webrazzi Summit, we organised Turkey’s most important entrepreneurship contest, with the distinction of Webrazzi: Webrazzi Arena!

In short; through Webrazzi Arena, we provide plenty of opportunities and advantages to local entrepreneurs, without requesting anything in return (such as stock-sharing, namely there will be no written/verbal agreement between us).

Please find all details about Webrazzi Arena below. Also in this page you can see all companies which was part of Startup Lounge in 2015. Please send you questions if you will have via [email protected].

What are the promises of Webrazzi Arena to initiatives /entrepreneurs?

Initiatives that join the Webrazzi Arena Competition;

  • By participating in the Webrazzi Summit 2015 which is most proficient internet conference of Turkey and the region, and also by participating in the most important entrepreneurship contest of Turkey and the region, they can easily reach potential business partners and investors.
  • Alongside from meeting local/international media members they can gather plenty of feedback
  • Not only can they participate in the Webrazzi Summit 2015 for free, but they can also join the Startup Lounge for free as well. We can call the Startup Lounge as one of the most essential parts of the Webrazzi Summit 2015. In this special area where initiatives will have a chance to meet potential clients, business partners and investors, for 2 days tens of initiatives will take place.
  • They can win an invitation for 2, for the ‘VIP Dinner’ which will be organized before the Webrazzi Summit 2015 and where very special guest will be hosted and win access to all the other VIP organizations.
  • Aside from all these; initiatives which make it to be the Webrazzi Arena champion and the second and third place winners, will receive free invitations to the TechCrunch Disrupt London which will be organized in December between the 7th and 8th. This way initiatives that get a chance to participate in the activity, for which Webrazzi is the Media Sponsor, will have the opportunity to introduce themselves on an international level and have a chance to gather feedback.

What are we paying attention to at the initiatives?

The initiatives that may participate in the entrepreneurship contest will be determined by the Webrazzi team from among the general applications which will be closed by the 31st of August. We can say that the below criteria will be our guide while choosing from the general applicants.

  • The fact that the initiatives will be announced for the first time during Webrazzi Arena is a big plus for us. Let us remind you that in the past, initiatives such as ininal and ÖdeAl were launched at the Webrazzi conferences. :)
  • To be honest we are not very warm to initiatives that have participated in similar contests or programs prior to Webrazzi Arena.
  • The initiatives may have had prior investors or participated in any kind of acceleration program.
  • The initiatives which will take stage at the Webrazzi Arena, may take place in various different categories from payment systems to mobile games, from Saas to e-commerce. We do not have any differentiation in regards to this point.

How does the application process work?

You may submit your application online to Webrazzi Arena until the 31st of August.By the month of September, applications will be reviewed by the Webrazzi team and the chosen initiatives will be contacted within a week.

How is the winner of the competition determined, what is the format of the competition?

A certain number of initiatives will be able to participate to the Webrazzi Arena, they will be chosen from the general applications and also those chosen by a public voting system from the Startup Lounge. The initiatives will have each a 5 minute presentation time on the stage of the Webrazzi Summit 2015, followed by a 2 minutes question-answer session with the jury.

At the end of the presentations, the Webrazzi Arena Champion and the initiatives that receive a degree will be determined by the jury and the Webrazzi writers/editors, and they will be receiving their prizes on stage. After the competition, the initiatives who received a degree in the contest and all the participants will continue their lives with the ‘Webrazzi Arena brand label’! :)

For any questions or comments you may have, in regards to Webrazzi Arena, you can reach us through e-mail at [email protected]