Startup Lounge

The Webrazzi Summit 2017, have a special area for entrepreneurs, under the name the “Startup Lounge” for the third time.

Please find all details about Startup Lounge below. Also in this page you can see all companies which was part of Startup Lounge in 2016.

We're sold out, thank you for your interest!

What is in the Startup Lounge package?

The 1000 Euro valued Startup Lounge package for initiatives, contains the below opportunities and advantages;

  • An invitation for 2 (founding partner, venture employee) for the Webrazzi Summit 2017.
  • The opportunity to have presence at the Startup Lounge area and meet potential clients, business partners and investors.
  • To have a chance to introduce themselves as initiatives to close to 2000 Webrazzi Summit participants that join from Turkey and from all around the world, and to get feedback from them.

Which initiatives should participate at the Startup Lounge?

All initiatives; from those who are yet at the closed beta stage, to those who have received investment and are at the stage of growing, may participate in the Startup Lounge.

What are the aspects that initiatives who consider participating at the Startup Lounge, should especially pay attention to?

While introducing your initiative at the Startup Lounge area, by paying attention to the below details, you can get more attention and more feedback;

  • We provide each initiative that will be participating in the Startup Lounge area with a desk. There you can install your computer/screen for demos/presentations.
  • With the aid of smaller devices such as an iPad or with the aid of a computer, you can prepare a small form, request participants to fill it and gather data for the campaign or idea you have in mind.
  • You may bring along promotional items in regards to you initiative such as t-shirts or stickers and distribute them to the participants.
  • You may design, various discount options or beta version usage rights specially forWebrazzi Summit 2017 participants.
  • We suggest that you do not come to the Startup Lounge area where you will be representing your initiative with a suit or normal jeans and a t-shirt, but with the product of your initiative. :)

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